Wearable Technology Inventions

Merging of technology and the human body for a long time has been considered as far future or even science fiction. Only when scientists came up with augmented reality glasses and other similar gadgets, people realized that soon we will be able to integrate technologies into humans. Although it is not possible yet to preeminently connect gadgets with human bodies’, there are many wearable technology innovations that allows us to upgrade our bodies when its needed. Here are some examples of already existing wearable technologies.

There have been technology created that can turn humans body into a synthesizer. It is a jacket with flexible motion sensors. These sensors ensure possibility to operate digital music instruments and computers by changing position the body. It is very complex. There are even flexible membrane potentiometers used to monitor smallest movements of human’s body. All the sensors and technologies are invisible, so this gadget looks like any other simple jacket.

Another great technology is arm band that allows to control all kind of gadgets with gestures. This technology is little bit similar to the one moat of as have already used when playing computer games with Nintendo Wii, but instead of external movement sensors, this band measures muscle movements. It is operated via Bluetooth, so this band can be connected with any device that allows Bluetooth connection. So it is possible to control smartphones, smart TVs, computers and other devices by simply moving your arms.

Very meaningful and useful innovation is robotic exoskeleton. It is technology that might allow paraplegics to walk. First it was invented to help astronauts maintain muscle health in space, but with some changes, it could be useful also for people on Earth. There are multiple adjustment points that help to increase the range of movements and technologies that help to control the body parts.

Also there are solar powered clothes available now. At the first glance these clothes doesn’t really stand out and look lake any regular clothes, but it is possible to charge cell phone and other gadgets with them. There are small thin film solar cells laminated onto the fabric. As these cells are very thin and flexible, clothes stretches and moves normally. The solar powered clothes can generate 1 to 1, 5 watts of electricity in a sunny day and this electricity can be used ore stored in batteries.

Something really futuristic is electronic tattoo. Actually those are very thin stickers that contains solar collectors. It can satay on humans skin for 24 hours and it can be used for medical causes. For example, it can monitor heart rates, brain waves and muscle activity. These stickers or tattoos can be really helpful for heart patients and also they could be used in many medical examinations, for body parts and organs which are hard to monitor.

As you can see, there already are many technologies used which can be merged with humans body to increase and improve humans abilities. With them we can turn ourselves into half robotic devices. Probably in the future it will be possible to fully involve these technologies in the human body. Cyborgs are no more science fiction, but nearest reality.