How technology will change the future of work?

Since the very beginning, humans have created tools and technologies to reach their goals a lot easier. The first technologies were very simple, but still impacted the life of whole man kind. Lot of jobs took a lot less time and effort to get done. As the technologies developed, lot of jobs got automated and technologies did the hardest jobs for human. Nowadays technology have reached very high levels and even many intellectually complicated tasks can be done by machines. If machines become more and more developed, will there even be jobs for human in the future and how exactly technology will change the future of work?

Already many jobs have been fully automated by using modern technologies. It applies to both physical work, through robotics and the Internet of Things, and intellectual work, through artificial intelligence. Robots are used in almost all manufactures and most of the workers have been replaced with them. If few years ago there were several workers needed to do one task, than now it can be done by one robot and someone who monitors it. As the artificial intelligence also is being used, there might be a chance that in the future there won’t be even need for someone who monitors the technologies and do the intellectual work with logic.

It is predicted that by the time of 2020 almost 47% of all the jobs we now right now will be completely automated. Even the most complicated jobs will be completely or fully automated. That might seem impossible, but just think how technologies are being integrated into intellectual jobs right now. For example, we see how now technology comes into healthcare, education and other fields where mind of human has always been very necessary. If even such professions as doctors and teachers can be done by intelligent robots, will human in the future will be needed as a labor?

Actually, there will be a jobs in the future, but they will require different skills than the ones being done right now. Most of the simple, physical jobs will really disappear soon. Machines, robots and other technological gadgets will become so advanced that they will be able to clean, cook, build and do other simple jobs that are now being done by human or by machine which is being controlled by human. Some of the theological devices probably will still need some monitoring of a human and those will be the most simple jobs in the future. Other jobs will require some really complex knowledge. There will be a great need of scientists, IT specialists, programmers etc. However, the simple work of people still might be highly appreciated in many industries. For example, things created by humans right now are being ranked above the ones created by machines.

There is no doubt that technology will change the future of work dramatically within next few years, but human as a labor will still be needed. People will need to gain new skills, especially knowledge in technology to get a job, but there will still be chance to work for almost anyone.