Technologies That Will Dominate in 2017

When it comes to technologies, there is always something new on the horizon. Although it is hard to imagine what else future might bring us beside everything we already have, we ensure that next year there will be some new technologies that most of us will use. Here is a list of technologies that will dominate in 2017.

1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality will be the top innovation in 2017. It is technology that gives a chance to add superimpose information to the real world. In simple words it means reality is augmented with computer-generated sensory input. Although we already have seen some development in augmented reality and there are some augmented reality gadgets released in 2016, next year will be the one augmented reality will become mainstream technology. Augmented reality glasses will become must have product and there will be new games and apps released.

2. Machine Learning

Also is Machine Learning something that we are quite familiar with, but in 2017, it will reach whole new level. Machine Learning actually is type of artificial intelligence, that can give advises to the users, based on their history actions. Probably anyone who is using social networks has noticed, that there are some suggestions, which are based on information you provide. That is exactly what Machine Learning means, but it can do a lot more than that. Probably it will be entering almost any type of consumer application, improving the user experience of an analytic apps.

3. Automation

Automation will reach new levels as well. Automation is replacement of people with technological devices. Already automation has being used in many industries. Many jobs are disappearing, because robots and gadgets are taking workers place and we are not talking only about manufacturing. There already are many service industry workers replaced with robots. If artificial intelligence will develop, there will be robots doing most of the work.

4. Physical-digital integration

Physical-digital integration will become very common pretty soon. Already digital gadgets such as smartphones can provide integration of technology into our daily lives, but in 2017 we will be using them a lot more to complete many different physical tasks. Probably there will be a lot of companies that will provide site-to-store purchasing and many other services which will be operated with smart, mobile devices.

5. Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will finally hit the streets in 2017. Tesla and Uber will release first self-driving cars. The very first cars won’t be fully autonomous, because they have to face with some safety issues and inappropriate road infrastructure, but they will be advanced enough to perform most important tasks while driving. When this technology will become more common, all the autonomous cars will be able to work together.

6. Synthetic food

And also we will be eating synthetic food. The technology which is used to create synthetic food is little bit similar to bio printing, because there is tissue created from real donor cells. For now, it is possible to buy synthetic meat that is generated by plant plant, to fight against slaughtering live animals, but soon all kind of food might be created unnaturally to fight against world hunger. Next year synthetic food might be found in every grocery store.