How technologies are changing the food industry?

As the world population is rapidly growing and soon will reach 9 billions, there might not be enough resources on the planet to meet the needs of them all. One of the biggest issues is lack of food. There just isn’t enough land and other resources to grow the food for everyone with traditional methods. That is why technology is coming into the food industry. There are many technological innovations invented and used to provide a chance to feed everyone. Here are some of them.

1. GMO

As we all know, bio-technologies are used to create genetically modified organisms or GMOs. This is not something new, but it is one of the technologies that might really help people in the future to fight against the hunger. GMOs are created by implementing genes from one organism into another, this way gaining stronger, more resistant organisms. For example, plants and animals can be created resistant to many diseases and it is also possible to change features such as size, shape, structure etc. Most of the crops nowadays are genetically modified to ensure they are resistant to diseases, weather conditions and other factors. Also many other organisms are changes this way, because it is a chance to grow more food with the same resources.

2. 3D Printing

But nowadays food can not only be improved with technology, but also created with it. It is possible to print out food with 3D printers. This method is not widely used for now, but there have been many successful attempts to print out something edible. The technology is almost the same that’s being used in bio printing. There are some tissues taken from the donor organism, put in cartridges and printed out with 3D printer. Sounds very simple, but actually it is complicated task. This technology can not only fight against the hunger, but also support veganism, because it is possible to print out meat with harmless methods.

3. Satellite farming

There are also technologies used to simply grow the food more easily, without really changing the food itself. One of them is satellite farming. Satellite farming is technology that uses GPS tracking systems and satellite imagery to monitor yields. They can monitor soil levels and weather patterns to make sure there will be good harvests. Now there are also technologies invented that can test the soil and monitor nitrogen and phosphorous levels. This technology is very significant to fight against the hunger, because lot of people are not willing to eat food that is being creates artificially.

4. Internet of things

And as in many industries, also in food industry there are internet of things integrated. It gets as putting sensors on every place where they are necessary to monitor different processes. One of the most typical ways how this kind of technology is being used is by putting sensors on the yields. Then they work similar to satellite farming – they monitor soil levels and other factors. But also internet of things can be used to monitor other things, for example, sensors in grain bins allow farmers to monitor the temperature and moisture levels remotely.

Without interrogation of technologies in farming and food industry, there really might not be enough of food for everyone pretty soon, so we have no other choice than to relay on them. Although many of these methods are being criticized for several reasons, they are really needed to survive in the future.