What is Nanotechnology and Where Can It Be Used?

Probably anyone has heard something about such thing as nanotechnology. Mostly it is associated with newest information technologies and also such fields as medicine and biology, but actually nanotechnologies can do a lot more and they are already being used for many other reasons as well. Let’s find out what nanotechnology really is and how can it be used?

Nanotechnology is a field of research which is occupied with creation of materials, objects and devices on the scale of atoms and molecules. A manometer is one-billionth of a meter. For example, diameter of a human hair is, about 90 000 metronomes. So you imagine, how small the atoms and molecules must be. At his level even most rules of the physic longer apply. Nowadays nanotechnology are allows to shrink everyday objects to extremely small dimensions, so it can be useful in many fields. Here are some of the applications of nanotechnology.

With nanotechnology, oil recovery can become a lot more efficient. For now, when the oil well had been shut down, only less than half of the oil in the reservoir is extracted, because rest of it is trapped inside the rocks and it is too expensive to recover it with the most common methods. With nanotechnology it would become possible to get rest of the oil quite easy. The water with nanoparticles could be infused in the rock and this liquid could pass between the rock pores. The the water could take narrower paths where the oil is, and force it out.

Best known application of nanotechnology is creation of high resolution screens. As we all know, the resolution of the screen is determinate by the count of pixels, but with traditional technologies, more pixels means bigger screens. To have small, thin high resolution screens, nanotechnology must be used. Scientists have created nanopixels, which are many time smaller than traditional pixels. They are already being used in screens of mobile phones and screens of other devices. This nanotechnology also ensures energy efficiency.

There can be even color chancing paint created with nanotechnology. Scientists have noticed that gold is changing its color under certain circumstances. Based on this fact, they have created sensors out of gold nanoparticles that can change color when pressure is applied to them. This pressure is created by flexible polymer film, which can be stretched.

Nanotechnology also can be used to cure many diseases. With nanotechnologies we can achieve that our bodies create medicine themselves. There can be nanocapsules injected into the humans body, which brings the genetic information. This information could “tell” the body what to do and what substances to secret to fight against the disease agents. This method could not only cure many incurable diseases, but also reduce the costs of treatment.

Also nanotechnology can be used for military reasons in many different ways. Nanotechnology can improve weapons, create new defense and attack methods etc. One of the most useful invention is nanoparticle armor. They could fully protect soldiers in any situations. Infusing nanoparticles into ceramic materials, porosity and structural strength are increased many times. This could make soldiers almost indestructible.

Of course, nanotechnologies can also be used in many other different fields and ways. The main benefit it’s extremely small size which can ensure possibility to accomplish tasks which was not possible before nanotechnology was discovered. Nanotechnologies will probably lead to many new discoveries which will make the future better.