Must Have Technology Gadgets You Didn’t Know About

Nowadays most of the people think they know what’s happening in technology market and what are the hottest gadgets that can make everyday life more easier and interesting, but actually assortment of technology gadgets reaches lot further then smartphones and most popular newest technology inventions that everyone talks about. Here are some cool gadgets that are not so popular, but still very useful and desirable.

AmpliFi HD Router

When it comes to such technology as router, people usually are not even paying too much attention on them and just buying the first one that gets into their way. It is not considered as multi functional gadget like phone or computer, so people think there is no need to go into the offer. They only need it to do its main function, but actually, also routers can be smart and innovative. For example, AmpliFi HD router is more than just a box that ensures Wi-Fi signal. It is set up with base station and a touchscreen. Also smartphone app allows users to control the router and monitor its performance, beside this router looks very cool as well.

Universal Foldable Keyboard

Also keyboard is considered as an accessory that doesn’t have to be technologically complicated and multi functional, but nowadays keyboards can be very different from the traditional ones we know. For example, Microsoft has created 5 millimeters thin, foldable keyboard that can be connected with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Also it is liquid proof. This gadget can be very useful if you need keyboard to be portable.

Mobile Printer

Only few people are aware of such technology gadget as portable printer, but it is a must have item for everyone who likes taking photos. It has Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, so it is possible to print out photos straight from the smartphone via special app for Android and iOS. The printer itself is small and portable, so it is convenient for usage any palace, any time.

Bluetooth Tracker

Many people don’t know what Bluetooth tracker is and what it can do, but we ensure that many people really needs this gadget. It allows to track all kind of devices with Bluetooth connectivity. For example, it your smartphone or Tablet PC gets lost sometimes, you can be sure, you will find it with this small gadget. It is especially useful for those who often carry around all the mobile devices and doesn’t know where they have been left each time.

Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb

And the last technology gadget that deserves to be called must have item is Smart LED light bulb. If you think all the light bulbs are the same and they shouldn’t be considered as great technology innovations, you are wrong. Wi-Fi enabled LED bulb doesn’t require a connectivity hub, so it is convenient for usage, beside you can control it with your smartphone. You can control the brightness, color, intensity and other factors. With this light bulb you can be sure you will never choose wrong lightening for your home.