How artificial intelligence can be used in business operations?

Nowadays artificial intelligence is developing very fast and it is already being used in many industries and businesses, at least in passive way. If a company is not using artificial intelligence in any capacity it is almost a rare exception, because most of the software contains automation and machine learning in some functions. However, only 26% of the businesses use newest high quality technologies of artificial intelligence. Here are ways how these new technologies can be used to positively impact business.

Such technology as network management gives a chance to manage all the tasks with one easy program. First network management was only an app for mobile devices witch worked as a smarter version of regular planner. Now it has developed and can be used in many devices. It can provide automation of many important tasks such as e-mail sending, calls, timetable creation and so on. With network management businessman don’t have to worry about such things and they can focus on more important tasks.

Artificial intelligence can also be useful in accounting. Data entering tasks are the ones that really can be done by artificial intelligence programs. There are many programs available now that can do most of the accounting functions. They are so advanced these programs will do most of the work that accounted should so, beside you can be sure that artificial intelligence won’t make any mistakes. It is possible to make an accounting reports, analyze them and send whenever they should be sent. Also they can make charts to provide visual information about financial situation of enterprise. It is believed that artificial intelligence will be able to fully replace accountants soon.

Market intelligence can provide opportunity to make the right moves in the market, without many hours of market research. Market intelligence programs can go through millions pieces of business information and tell what of it is relevant to businesses and what is not. Many businessman are looking for information that typically doesn’t show up on first pages of the search engines, so many pieces of useful information are missed and can’t be found. Market intelligence can find relevant information in very short period of time. Also this technology allows to search for information 24 hours a day, so business which are using market intelligence have access to all the newest market information and can have competitive advantages.

And also in sells artificial intelligence can be very useful. The most important factor of success for any enterprise is sales. If you can’t sell your products, you will never succeed. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now lot easier to reach the target audience and automate the sales processes. There are programs which can held e-mail conversations with sales leads until they express interest in buying. It gives a chance to inform a lot wider audience about your products.

As you can see, artificial intelligence gives enormous competitive advantages. As artificial intelligence is still in developing stage, there will definitely be a lot more ways how to integrate it in businesses to optimize the processes. Those enterprises which will stay aside and won’t use these technologies might go out of business soon, because they won’t be able to compete with enterprises which will.