Amazing Ways Technology Will Change The World in Next Few Decades

Technology already in this day and age has a very huge impact on everyday lives of human, but it is still developing and it is happening faster than ever. Right now, when we already have all kind of advanced technological gadgets with functions of augmented reality, artificial intelligence etc., it is hard to imagine what else could future bring us? There are some incredible technological innovations scientists are working on right now and what will change the world within next several years.

There will be no genetic diseases

It is pretty sure that all the of the genetic diseases will be prevented in the start of embryo stage, thanks to human genome engineering. A human genome engineering platform can make it possible to modify disease-carrying genes and replace them with healthy ones. That means children will born healthy, because all the defective genes will be removed. Even more, this method might be used not only to prevent diseases, but also to change the characteristics of the children. If the DNA can be changed, it is also possible to change genome that is responsible of all the characteristics the child will have.

Everything will be digitally connected

In the future most of the things will be connected to each other to ensure that people can control everything with one device. It is slowly happening right now with smart devices ans Internet of Things, but after few years there won’t be devices which can’t be connected through internet. Wireless communications will dominate in everyday lives of human. Homes, cars and appliances will be connected. To ensure that there will be new technology created that able to store energy and serve as electrodes to deliver connectivity.

It will be possible to print out anything

In the nearest future it will really be possible to print out almost anything with 3D printer. That really might sound more like a science fiction, but if we think of achievements of 3D printing right now, there is no wonder we will be able to print anything. If right now it is possible to even print out an organs and food, why wouldn’t it be possible to print out everything else. Scientists even claims that whole organism might be printed out in the future, because bio printing technologies are developing very fast.

We will all use only renewable energy sources

For now modern life can’t even be imagined without fossil fuels. It is most common source of energy we all are using in many ways, but as it is creating too much pollution and also reserves of it is running low, there is a need to have significant changes in energy generation and consumption. As the solar technology is developing very fast, it will be the biggest source of energy. Solar photovoltaic energy will use solar panels to heat buildings and water and power devices.

Human and technology will converge

Probably everyone has heard something about cyborgs from science fiction movies or books. Those are half humans and half robots but usually have a human brain and a robot body. Might seem surreal, but actually people in the nearest future will be able to upgrade themselves with technology. For now there only wearable technology invented that can turn human in half device, but soon it will be possible to implant all kind of devices in human bodies. For example, augmented reality glasses which allows to implement reality with virtual images might be connected to human eyes similar to contact lenses, so human will be able to see digital information as well.