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Amazing Ways Technology Will Change The World in Next Few Decades

Technology already in this day and age has a very huge impact on everyday lives of human, but it is still developing and it is happening faster than ever. Right now, when we already have all kind of advanced technological gadgets with functions of augmented reality, artificial intelligence etc., it is hard to imagine what else could future bring us? There are some incredible technological innovations scientists are working on right now and what will change the world within next several years.

There will be no genetic diseases

It is pretty sure that all the of the genetic diseases will be prevented in the start of embryo stage, thanks to human genome engineering. A human genome engineering platform can make it possible to modify disease-carrying genes and replace them with healthy ones. That means children will born healthy, because all the defective genes will be removed. Even more, this method might be used not only to prevent diseases, but also to change the characteristics of the children. If the DNA can be changed, it is also possible to change genome that is responsible of all the characteristics the child will have.

Everything will be digitally connected

In the future most of the things will be connected to each other to ensure that people can control everything with one device. It is slowly happening right now with smart devices ans Internet of Things, but after few years there won’t be devices which can’t be connected through internet. Wireless communications will dominate in everyday lives of human. Homes, cars and appliances will be connected. To ensure that there will be new technology created that able to store energy and serve as electrodes to deliver connectivity.

It will be possible to print out anything

In the nearest future it will really be possible to print out almost anything with 3D printer. That really might sound more like a science fiction, but if we think of achievements of 3D printing right now, there is no wonder we will be able to print anything. If right now it is possible to even print out an organs and food, why wouldn’t it be possible to print out everything else. Scientists even claims that whole organism might be printed out in the future, because bio printing technologies are developing very fast.

We will all use only renewable energy sources

For now modern life can’t even be imagined without fossil fuels. It is most common source of energy we all are using in many ways, but as it is creating too much pollution and also reserves of it is running low, there is a need to have significant changes in energy generation and consumption. As the solar technology is developing very fast, it will be the biggest source of energy. Solar photovoltaic energy will use solar panels to heat buildings and water and power devices.

Human and technology will converge

Probably everyone has heard something about cyborgs from science fiction movies or books. Those are half humans and half robots but usually have a human brain and a robot body. Might seem surreal, but actually people in the nearest future will be able to upgrade themselves with technology. For now there only wearable technology invented that can turn human in half device, but soon it will be possible to implant all kind of devices in human bodies. For example, augmented reality glasses which allows to implement reality with virtual images might be connected to human eyes similar to contact lenses, so human will be able to see digital information as well.


Using human psychology to influence peoples’ shopping habits

When it comes to shopping – whether online or in person – we all like think of ourselves as autonomous, rational individuals who make our own, fully-individualized purchasing decisions, completely un-swayed by outside factors. The truth is far less flattering to the human ego. The reality is that the design, layout and even the flow of traffic of a buying situation – physical store or website – all greatly influence the manner in which consumers behave in that setting, including ultimately whether they make the decision to proceed to the checkout. Indeed, the most successful businesses are those which carefully study those patterns and tailor the shopping experience that they provide accordingly. Read on as we explore how to use the principles of applied behavioral psychology to increase sales in your store.

Bricks and mortar stores

Did you know that when entering a retail store like Walmart, most people automatically proceed in a counterclockwise direction through the store. Taking advantage of this idiosyncrasy of our psychology, most physical stores array their most attractive merchandise to the right of the front door so it is the first thing consumers see when entering the store. It’s a simple example, but a telling one for our purposes. Think of your local supermarket: what are the first things you see when you go inside? Most likely the fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and the deli meats and cheeses. Boring staple foods are shunted right to the back of the shop. In a similar vein, the most heavily advertised brands are positioned directly at eye level on the shelves in the shops. The sugary treats beloved by children are positioned a bit lower, at their eye level. The eyes of the cartoon characters drawn onto the packaging are levelled downwards so that they will be looking straight into the eyes of the children at whom those products are directed.

Casinos also are notorious for designing layouts that make patrons more likely to shell out money. Modern day casino layouts consist of plush surroundings, and lots of open space (creating a feeling of freedom and camaraderie), that make people relaxed and comfortable aria calda.

Online platforms

Psychologically savvy website designers invest substantial time and resources looking into what website layouts, color combinations, wording, informational flow, and website navigation systems create the best results with their customer base. All of these factors plus others influence how successful an obline store or website will be. For example, website graphics should not be chosen or placed on one’s page willy nilly – instead they must be carefully selected to deliver maximum psychological impact, to make the reader relate to the pitch being made, and most importantly not to confuse or distract them from the purpose at hand. It’s a well-known fact that human eyes and attention are drawn in fairly predictable patterns (though not 100 per cent predictable – which is why user testing and knowing your particular customer base is key). Applying the principles of Gestalt Theory to web design can help to direct the reader’s eyes exactly to what you want them to see. It’s hard to believe from a common sense perspective, but simply repositioning things on your webpage can make a substantial difference in the number of sales you get.


How technology will change the future of work?

Since the very beginning, humans have created tools and technologies to reach their goals a lot easier. The first technologies were very simple, but still impacted the life of whole man kind. Lot of jobs took a lot less time and effort to get done. As the technologies developed, lot of jobs got automated and technologies did the hardest jobs for human. Nowadays technology have reached very high levels and even many intellectually complicated tasks can be done by machines. If machines become more and more developed, will there even be jobs for human in the future and how exactly technology will change the future of work?

Already many jobs have been fully automated by using modern technologies. It applies to both physical work, through robotics and the Internet of Things, and intellectual work, through artificial intelligence. Robots are used in almost all manufactures and most of the workers have been replaced with them. If few years ago there were several workers needed to do one task, than now it can be done by one robot and someone who monitors it. As the artificial intelligence also is being used, there might be a chance that in the future there won’t be even need for someone who monitors the technologies and do the intellectual work with logic.

It is predicted that by the time of 2020 almost 47% of all the jobs we now right now will be completely automated. Even the most complicated jobs will be completely or fully automated. That might seem impossible, but just think how technologies are being integrated into intellectual jobs right now. For example, we see how now technology comes into healthcare, education and other fields where mind of human has always been very necessary. If even such professions as doctors and teachers can be done by intelligent robots, will human in the future will be needed as a labor?

Actually, there will be a jobs in the future, but they will require different skills than the ones being done right now. Most of the simple, physical jobs will really disappear soon. Machines, robots and other technological gadgets will become so advanced that they will be able to clean, cook, build and do other simple jobs that are now being done by human or by machine which is being controlled by human. Some of the theological devices probably will still need some monitoring of a human and those will be the most simple jobs in the future. Other jobs will require some really complex knowledge. There will be a great need of scientists, IT specialists, programmers etc. However, the simple work of people still might be highly appreciated in many industries. For example, things created by humans right now are being ranked above the ones created by machines.

There is no doubt that technology will change the future of work dramatically within next few years, but human as a labor will still be needed. People will need to gain new skills, especially knowledge in technology to get a job, but there will still be chance to work for almost anyone.


How artificial intelligence can be used in business operations?

Nowadays artificial intelligence is developing very fast and it is already being used in many industries and businesses, at least in passive way. If a company is not using artificial intelligence in any capacity it is almost a rare exception, because most of the software contains automation and machine learning in some functions. However, only 26% of the businesses use newest high quality technologies of artificial intelligence. Here are ways how these new technologies can be used to positively impact business.

Such technology as network management gives a chance to manage all the tasks with one easy program. First network management was only an app for mobile devices witch worked as a smarter version of regular planner. Now it has developed and can be used in many devices. It can provide automation of many important tasks such as e-mail sending, calls, timetable creation and so on. With network management businessman don’t have to worry about such things and they can focus on more important tasks.

Artificial intelligence can also be useful in accounting. Data entering tasks are the ones that really can be done by artificial intelligence programs. There are many programs available now that can do most of the accounting functions. They are so advanced these programs will do most of the work that accounted should so, beside you can be sure that artificial intelligence won’t make any mistakes. It is possible to make an accounting reports, analyze them and send whenever they should be sent. Also they can make charts to provide visual information about financial situation of enterprise. It is believed that artificial intelligence will be able to fully replace accountants soon.

Market intelligence can provide opportunity to make the right moves in the market, without many hours of market research. Market intelligence programs can go through millions pieces of business information and tell what of it is relevant to businesses and what is not. Many businessman are looking for information that typically doesn’t show up on first pages of the search engines, so many pieces of useful information are missed and can’t be found. Market intelligence can find relevant information in very short period of time. Also this technology allows to search for information 24 hours a day, so business which are using market intelligence have access to all the newest market information and can have competitive advantages.

And also in sells artificial intelligence can be very useful. The most important factor of success for any enterprise is sales. If you can’t sell your products, you will never succeed. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now lot easier to reach the target audience and automate the sales processes. There are programs which can held e-mail conversations with sales leads until they express interest in buying. It gives a chance to inform a lot wider audience about your products.

As you can see, artificial intelligence gives enormous competitive advantages. As artificial intelligence is still in developing stage, there will definitely be a lot more ways how to integrate it in businesses to optimize the processes. Those enterprises which will stay aside and won’t use these technologies might go out of business soon, because they won’t be able to compete with enterprises which will.


How technologies are changing the food industry?

As the world population is rapidly growing and soon will reach 9 billions, there might not be enough resources on the planet to meet the needs of them all. One of the biggest issues is lack of food. There just isn’t enough land and other resources to grow the food for everyone with traditional methods. That is why technology is coming into the food industry. There are many technological innovations invented and used to provide a chance to feed everyone. Here are some of them.

1. GMO

As we all know, bio-technologies are used to create genetically modified organisms or GMOs. This is not something new, but it is one of the technologies that might really help people in the future to fight against the hunger. GMOs are created by implementing genes from one organism into another, this way gaining stronger, more resistant organisms. For example, plants and animals can be created resistant to many diseases and it is also possible to change features such as size, shape, structure etc. Most of the crops nowadays are genetically modified to ensure they are resistant to diseases, weather conditions and other factors. Also many other organisms are changes this way, because it is a chance to grow more food with the same resources.

2. 3D Printing

But nowadays food can not only be improved with technology, but also created with it. It is possible to print out food with 3D printers. This method is not widely used for now, but there have been many successful attempts to print out something edible. The technology is almost the same that’s being used in bio printing. There are some tissues taken from the donor organism, put in cartridges and printed out with 3D printer. Sounds very simple, but actually it is complicated task. This technology can not only fight against the hunger, but also support veganism, because it is possible to print out meat with harmless methods.

3. Satellite farming

There are also technologies used to simply grow the food more easily, without really changing the food itself. One of them is satellite farming. Satellite farming is technology that uses GPS tracking systems and satellite imagery to monitor yields. They can monitor soil levels and weather patterns to make sure there will be good harvests. Now there are also technologies invented that can test the soil and monitor nitrogen and phosphorous levels. This technology is very significant to fight against the hunger, because lot of people are not willing to eat food that is being creates artificially.

4. Internet of things

And as in many industries, also in food industry there are internet of things integrated. It gets as putting sensors on every place where they are necessary to monitor different processes. One of the most typical ways how this kind of technology is being used is by putting sensors on the yields. Then they work similar to satellite farming – they monitor soil levels and other factors. But also internet of things can be used to monitor other things, for example, sensors in grain bins allow farmers to monitor the temperature and moisture levels remotely.

Without interrogation of technologies in farming and food industry, there really might not be enough of food for everyone pretty soon, so we have no other choice than to relay on them. Although many of these methods are being criticized for several reasons, they are really needed to survive in the future.


Technologies That Will Dominate in 2017

When it comes to technologies, there is always something new on the horizon. Although it is hard to imagine what else future might bring us beside everything we already have, we ensure that next year there will be some new technologies that most of us will use. Here is a list of technologies that will dominate in 2017.

1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality will be the top innovation in 2017. It is technology that gives a chance to add superimpose information to the real world. In simple words it means reality is augmented with computer-generated sensory input. Although we already have seen some development in augmented reality and there are some augmented reality gadgets released in 2016, next year will be the one augmented reality will become mainstream technology. Augmented reality glasses will become must have product and there will be new games and apps released.

2. Machine Learning

Also is Machine Learning something that we are quite familiar with, but in 2017, it will reach whole new level. Machine Learning actually is type of artificial intelligence, that can give advises to the users, based on their history actions. Probably anyone who is using social networks has noticed, that there are some suggestions, which are based on information you provide. That is exactly what Machine Learning means, but it can do a lot more than that. Probably it will be entering almost any type of consumer application, improving the user experience of an analytic apps.

3. Automation

Automation will reach new levels as well. Automation is replacement of people with technological devices. Already automation has being used in many industries. Many jobs are disappearing, because robots and gadgets are taking workers place and we are not talking only about manufacturing. There already are many service industry workers replaced with robots. If artificial intelligence will develop, there will be robots doing most of the work.

4. Physical-digital integration

Physical-digital integration will become very common pretty soon. Already digital gadgets such as smartphones can provide integration of technology into our daily lives, but in 2017 we will be using them a lot more to complete many different physical tasks. Probably there will be a lot of companies that will provide site-to-store purchasing and many other services which will be operated with smart, mobile devices.

5. Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will finally hit the streets in 2017. Tesla and Uber will release first self-driving cars. The very first cars won’t be fully autonomous, because they have to face with some safety issues and inappropriate road infrastructure, but they will be advanced enough to perform most important tasks while driving. When this technology will become more common, all the autonomous cars will be able to work together.

6. Synthetic food

And also we will be eating synthetic food. The technology which is used to create synthetic food is little bit similar to bio printing, because there is tissue created from real donor cells. For now, it is possible to buy synthetic meat that is generated by plant plant, to fight against slaughtering live animals, but soon all kind of food might be created unnaturally to fight against world hunger. Next year synthetic food might be found in every grocery store.


Wearable Technology Inventions

Merging of technology and the human body for a long time has been considered as far future or even science fiction. Only when scientists came up with augmented reality glasses and other similar gadgets, people realized that soon we will be able to integrate technologies into humans. Although it is not possible yet to preeminently connect gadgets with human bodies’, there are many wearable technology innovations that allows us to upgrade our bodies when its needed. Here are some examples of already existing wearable technologies.

There have been technology created that can turn humans body into a synthesizer. It is a jacket with flexible motion sensors. These sensors ensure possibility to operate digital music instruments and computers by changing position the body. It is very complex. There are even flexible membrane potentiometers used to monitor smallest movements of human’s body. All the sensors and technologies are invisible, so this gadget looks like any other simple jacket.

Another great technology is arm band that allows to control all kind of gadgets with gestures. This technology is little bit similar to the one moat of as have already used when playing computer games with Nintendo Wii, but instead of external movement sensors, this band measures muscle movements. It is operated via Bluetooth, so this band can be connected with any device that allows Bluetooth connection. So it is possible to control smartphones, smart TVs, computers and other devices by simply moving your arms.

Very meaningful and useful innovation is robotic exoskeleton. It is technology that might allow paraplegics to walk. First it was invented to help astronauts maintain muscle health in space, but with some changes, it could be useful also for people on Earth. There are multiple adjustment points that help to increase the range of movements and technologies that help to control the body parts.

Also there are solar powered clothes available now. At the first glance these clothes doesn’t really stand out and look lake any regular clothes, but it is possible to charge cell phone and other gadgets with them. There are small thin film solar cells laminated onto the fabric. As these cells are very thin and flexible, clothes stretches and moves normally. The solar powered clothes can generate 1 to 1, 5 watts of electricity in a sunny day and this electricity can be used ore stored in batteries.

Something really futuristic is electronic tattoo. Actually those are very thin stickers that contains solar collectors. It can satay on humans skin for 24 hours and it can be used for medical causes. For example, it can monitor heart rates, brain waves and muscle activity. These stickers or tattoos can be really helpful for heart patients and also they could be used in many medical examinations, for body parts and organs which are hard to monitor.

As you can see, there already are many technologies used which can be merged with humans body to increase and improve humans abilities. With them we can turn ourselves into half robotic devices. Probably in the future it will be possible to fully involve these technologies in the human body. Cyborgs are no more science fiction, but nearest reality.


What is Nanotechnology and Where Can It Be Used?

Probably anyone has heard something about such thing as nanotechnology. Mostly it is associated with newest information technologies and also such fields as medicine and biology, but actually nanotechnologies can do a lot more and they are already being used for many other reasons as well. Let’s find out what nanotechnology really is and how can it be used?

Nanotechnology is a field of research which is occupied with creation of materials, objects and devices on the scale of atoms and molecules. A manometer is one-billionth of a meter. For example, diameter of a human hair is, about 90 000 metronomes. So you imagine, how small the atoms and molecules must be. At his level even most rules of the physic longer apply. Nowadays nanotechnology are allows to shrink everyday objects to extremely small dimensions, so it can be useful in many fields. Here are some of the applications of nanotechnology.

With nanotechnology, oil recovery can become a lot more efficient. For now, when the oil well had been shut down, only less than half of the oil in the reservoir is extracted, because rest of it is trapped inside the rocks and it is too expensive to recover it with the most common methods. With nanotechnology it would become possible to get rest of the oil quite easy. The water with nanoparticles could be infused in the rock and this liquid could pass between the rock pores. The the water could take narrower paths where the oil is, and force it out.

Best known application of nanotechnology is creation of high resolution screens. As we all know, the resolution of the screen is determinate by the count of pixels, but with traditional technologies, more pixels means bigger screens. To have small, thin high resolution screens, nanotechnology must be used. Scientists have created nanopixels, which are many time smaller than traditional pixels. They are already being used in screens of mobile phones and screens of other devices. This nanotechnology also ensures energy efficiency.

There can be even color chancing paint created with nanotechnology. Scientists have noticed that gold is changing its color under certain circumstances. Based on this fact, they have created sensors out of gold nanoparticles that can change color when pressure is applied to them. This pressure is created by flexible polymer film, which can be stretched.

Nanotechnology also can be used to cure many diseases. With nanotechnologies we can achieve that our bodies create medicine themselves. There can be nanocapsules injected into the humans body, which brings the genetic information. This information could “tell” the body what to do and what substances to secret to fight against the disease agents. This method could not only cure many incurable diseases, but also reduce the costs of treatment.

Also nanotechnology can be used for military reasons in many different ways. Nanotechnology can improve weapons, create new defense and attack methods etc. One of the most useful invention is nanoparticle armor. They could fully protect soldiers in any situations. Infusing nanoparticles into ceramic materials, porosity and structural strength are increased many times. This could make soldiers almost indestructible.

Of course, nanotechnologies can also be used in many other different fields and ways. The main benefit it’s extremely small size which can ensure possibility to accomplish tasks which was not possible before nanotechnology was discovered. Nanotechnologies will probably lead to many new discoveries which will make the future better.


Technologies in Education

Now all kind of technologies are being used at schools to improve education quality. Technology is helping teachers to implement text-based learning with interactive learning and to engage with students who perceive the information better in other ways, but students, however, can to study easier and achieve better results. The improvements of education system, thanks to technology, are significant. To prove that, here are some specific examples, how technologies can help in study process.

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality can create clearer understanding of the various processes. As these technologies allows to add superimpose information to the real world, students can clearly see everything. Visual information is very important in learning process, because it helps to really understand how different objects look and how things work. For example, it will be a lot easier for student to understand many biological processes if he would be able to see them with his own eyes, not only read in books about them or see in one dimensional pictures. These technologies really can be useful almost in any school subject.

3D printing, however, would provide a chance to not only look at digitally created pictures and videos, but actually work with different models. For example, any student can make a realistic model of solar system or humans organ systems. Also it is possible to print students own created models, which could be useful in such subjects as drafting, geometry etc. 3D printing would be specially useful for students with visual memory.

Internet of Things also can be useful in education. Although usage of smartphones and other similar devices at study process is being criticized, because many people think it can distract student’s, they can really help in learning process if used correctly. There already have been many educational applications created, but there is a lot of space for potential. Internet of Things provide opportunity to learn in many different interactive ways. It is an opportunity to reinforce the knowledge gained.

Clouds or internet connected digital information systems can make it possible to give all kind of information to students a lot easier. For example, they can help access all homework and all other learning resources in the to electronic device. Whit these systems students could be informed about actualities all the time. Also homework themselves can be submitted through Cloud or this system to avoid many misunderstandings. In many countries and schools something like this is being used for a long time and all sides of education system are satisfied.

Online Social Networking is making group tasks much simpler. It is no more necessary to to meet each other in person to do the group tasks. Social networks or communication platforms makes it possible to talk to each other, see each other and even show presentations and other files to each other through devices which are connected to internet. It saves the time of students and allows to to meet each other any time needed. These kind of technologies provides a lot easier communication, which is important for education.

Now you see, how much different benefits technology can provide to education. Providing better understanding by using visual information alone is a huge step forward, but there are also other reasons, why technology in education is really needed. Because of these benefits, technology and newest devices could become an integral part of education system soon.


Must Have Technology Gadgets You Didn’t Know About

Nowadays most of the people think they know what’s happening in technology market and what are the hottest gadgets that can make everyday life more easier and interesting, but actually assortment of technology gadgets reaches lot further then smartphones and most popular newest technology inventions that everyone talks about. Here are some cool gadgets that are not so popular, but still very useful and desirable.

AmpliFi HD Router

When it comes to such technology as router, people usually are not even paying too much attention on them and just buying the first one that gets into their way. It is not considered as multi functional gadget like phone or computer, so people think there is no need to go into the offer. They only need it to do its main function, but actually, also routers can be smart and innovative. For example, AmpliFi HD router is more than just a box that ensures Wi-Fi signal. It is set up with base station and a touchscreen. Also smartphone app allows users to control the router and monitor its performance, beside this router looks very cool as well.

Universal Foldable Keyboard

Also keyboard is considered as an accessory that doesn’t have to be technologically complicated and multi functional, but nowadays keyboards can be very different from the traditional ones we know. For example, Microsoft has created 5 millimeters thin, foldable keyboard that can be connected with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Also it is liquid proof. This gadget can be very useful if you need keyboard to be portable.

Mobile Printer

Only few people are aware of such technology gadget as portable printer, but it is a must have item for everyone who likes taking photos. It has Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, so it is possible to print out photos straight from the smartphone via special app for Android and iOS. The printer itself is small and portable, so it is convenient for usage any palace, any time.

Bluetooth Tracker

Many people don’t know what Bluetooth tracker is and what it can do, but we ensure that many people really needs this gadget. It allows to track all kind of devices with Bluetooth connectivity. For example, it your smartphone or Tablet PC gets lost sometimes, you can be sure, you will find it with this small gadget. It is especially useful for those who often carry around all the mobile devices and doesn’t know where they have been left each time.

Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb

And the last technology gadget that deserves to be called must have item is Smart LED light bulb. If you think all the light bulbs are the same and they shouldn’t be considered as great technology innovations, you are wrong. Wi-Fi enabled LED bulb doesn’t require a connectivity hub, so it is convenient for usage, beside you can control it with your smartphone. You can control the brightness, color, intensity and other factors. With this light bulb you can be sure you will never choose wrong lightening for your home.